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6/23/2006  Click377

UHF Wireless Handheld System with Infrared  Auto frequency lock


- Synthesized UHF wireless system with 30 selectable frequencies.
- Infrared Auto Frequency search & lock
- LCD display indicates frequency , Audio Level/RF Level, Diversity A/B
   antenna and Mute.
- SAW (Surface Acoustic Wave) filters for discriminating wireless reception.
- Built-in Noise Squelch circuitry mutes system wide-band noise.
- Balanced XLR output and 1/4" output.
- Compact half-rack receiver design with optional rack-mount kit.
- Transmitters feature PLL synthesized VCO technology to eliminate spurious
   emissions in multi-user venues. Could use as much as 8 units in the same rvenues.
- Tuned molded antennas for enhanced reception.
- 9V battery operation.


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