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"NX" Series Digital Congress System Software
6/28/2006  Click550

"NX" Series Digital Congress System Software
"NX" Software arms you with all the tools you need to take conference. From Conference Management, Delegates Registration modules to Voting Plug-in and Video Conference
Plug-in software, everything you need to configure and tailor-made your specify
conference is at your fingertips.
"NX" Log-in Main Screen

The Log-in main screen is active whenever "NX" software modules are used for controlling
and monitoring conference procedures. All features plug-in could be added & display on
this platform.
System Check

"System Check" Software module will automatically check the system status and detect
the number of chairman, delegates & other units installed on the network.
Delegate Control

"Delegate Control" software module allow you to activate or inativate any specify
Attendance Registration

"Attendance Registration" software module is used with the build-in ID card "SmartCard
" feature in each unit. It will automatically register and sort out the attendance Present
& Absent list which you could print out.

"Voting" software module for setting up your voting procedure and scripts. In this module
there are different type of voting mode that you could select such as "Audience
Response", "Multiple Choice" and "Rating Voting". Also, you could choose your result
display method.


"Setup" platform is enabling you to configure your conference arena. It has features such
as Priority modeTime Limit for each speaker and notification Number of delegate
speak simultaneously Password Setup Chime on/off

Video Conferencing

"Video Conferencing" software module is used to setup your video conference
configuration such as camera speed & Auto Scan etc..


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