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6/28/2006  Click353

Designed to be sophisticated 
Nexkon"NX" series digital congress system is the distinctive new face of digital
congress management.
Whatever your conference requirements, Nexkon'NX"Congress system can meet
your specify needed. By bringing aesthetic appeal, reliability, flexibility and control into
the proceedings. It takes you to the new phase in congress system management.
Aesthetic Design
During the development stage, our development team consulted delegates, interpreters
and operators and understand their real needed. Thus, we adopted their ideas into our
esign and created the right balance between ergonomic efficiency and aesthetic appeal.
"NX" Series offers a prefect mix of sophisticated looks and optimized performance. The
layout of the sleek control panel has an instantly familiar feel.
Innovative in digital congress management
Nexkon“NX”digital congress system is ideal for applications ranging from discussion
groups up to multi-lingual congress with thousands of delegates.
On its most straignt forward level, it handles speaking and listening without an operator;
at its most advanced, it becomes an integrated communication infrastructure for
facilitating and managing even the most complex international conferences.
When you just open the “NX” series chairman & delegate unit, you will immediately
find its sophisticated layout – it gives you a feeling of a prefect mix in design and
The intuitive layout of the sleek control panel has an instantly familiar feel. And the
application of advanced acoustical and display technology makes it easy to hear and
read exactly what’s going on. All of this puts users at ease and in total control.
- State-of-the-art design and ergonomics.
- Styled to harmonize with the surroundings
- Flat panel loudspeaker significantly increases acoustic performance
- Low susceptible to cell phone disturbances
- Incredible speech intelligibility ( up to 20KHz )
- Graphic LCD screen on the “Flip Panel” really improves legibility
- Instantly “NX – SMS” ( Instant Messages) function
- Selectable difference languages display
- Automatic Camera control
- 5 interpretation languages plus floor
- Attendance registration with ID cards - SmartCard
- Voting facilities
- Full graphics display via projectors or plasma displays


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