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7/8/2006  Click863

"NX" Series Digital Congress System Main Controller
The Main Controller forms the heart of the congress management system. It can
operate as a stand alone to provide automatic conference control, or be accessed
by an operator via a PC when more extensive management is required.
Each controller can control up to 240 contribution units, such as delegates and
chairman units, interpreter units and voting/listening units. If more capacity is
required, multi controller could be linked, each of which increase the system
capacity by 240 contribution units.


- Allowing 1500 contribution units to be connected to the "NX" Congress System
- Built-in power supply
- Control facilities for up to 240 contribution units per controller
- Microphone operation modes are available
- Each microphone operation mode allows one, three or six microphones to
   be simultaneously active
- Speaker time limit could be set.
- Voting control facilities. Delegates can register "PRESENT", "AGAINST", and
   "ABSTAIN".  The total result can be display on hall displays and on contribution 
    unit LCD screens.
- Simultaneous interpretation functions with as many as 5 interpretation
   channels plus the floor language
- Video conferencing function is build-in
- Extended facilities are available if the controller is connected to a PC
   running “NX” software.


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