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7/8/2006  Click341

Delegate unit with Rotary channel Selector, SmartCard Reader and
Graphic LCD Screen
IX-D300 offers the full features for every conference needed. The
outstanding outlook design is well adopted into technology.
NX-D300, multi-functional delegate unit meets the demands of even the
largest conferences. It provides facilities for speaking, registering a request
to speak, registering a request to respond, listening, voting ( with IX-V300 ),
selecting language channels, Smartcard reading and displaying conference
and user-related information.
It is stylish with all the features such as Rotary channel selector, Smartcard
reader for attendance registration and LCD display with backlighting. The LCD
could display complex European languages or icon-based scripts such as
Chinese. The flat panel loudspeaker offers superior acoustics with minimal
feedback, so increasing intelligibility.


- Compact, attractive outlook
- Built-in Flip-top flat panel loudspeaker
- Speaker volume control buttons +/-
- Graphic LCD screen with backlighting
- LCD Backlight ON/OFF button
- Smartcard reader for registration
- Rotary channel selector for accessing interpretations
- Selected channel no. display on LCD
- Expandable slot for Voting module
- Displays messages and conference related data
- Four Headphones sockets
- One external mic input socket
- Help button for calling assistance
- Build-in USB for external USB recorder device (Optional)


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